With Vigilance, Watching & Prayer

The Women’s Ministry is for all women of the church.  Women of every age are encouraged  and
welcomed to be a part of this God focused ministry. 

Ministry Statement:  The Women’s Ministry exist for the purpose of teaching and training its members
in the ways of God so that they will be effective and powerful witnesses for Christ.  We will reach out
to the sick and shut-in, the poor and oppressed, the incarcerated and all other individuals with special
needs living in our communities and abroad.  We will encourage and support one another to live as
“lights in the world” and be the “salt of the earth.” Our heart desire is to glorify the Lord in all
that we do through obedience to the Word, commitment to the Lord’s service and love for all.

What We Hold Fast To:

             1 John 4:11                                                 To love one another                                          

                James 5:16                                                To pray for on another
                Galatians 5:13                                            To serve one another
                Hebrew 10:25                                            To encourage one another

Ministry Goals:  
Advance the kingdom of God through prayer, worship, evangelism, and the study
of the Word. 

Provide biblical teaching and training to the ministry members, women of the church, children, and
 those seeking to know the Lord and His will for their lives.

To reach out and share Christ with the unsaved within our homes, communities, and abroad.

To be good stewards of God’s provisions and share our wealth, resources, gifts and talents,
when the opportunity presents itself and the Holy Spirit leads us accordingly.

To mature and grow in love and grace as Christ has so lovingly loved and cared for us.

Women's Ministry

Advancing the Kingdom of God